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DAN, the Debt Assistance Network, LLC, is a full-service debt resolution company located in the great state of Nevada. For the past 16 years, the professional DAN team has provided back-office solutions for entrepreneurs in the credit resolution industry.  Thousands of customers from all over the United States have gone through this process with superior results with millions of dollars in unsecured debt relief.

The method used is proprietary, and takes about a year to complete. Only approved Network Affiliates may utilize this program as a part of their ongoing business model. There is a rigorous process DAN uses to qualify potential Affiliates, and once they have been approved, DAN provides training on how to implement the program and grow their businesses. DAN will not market directly to consumers, but will provide marketing tools designed to help the affiliate market DAN as a part of their ongoing effort of outreach in their communities.

DAN provides phone support for Network Affiliates 12 hours per day. Between the hours of 10am and 10pm Eastern Time, Affiliates can reach the Director of Affiliate Relations for help. An email address is also provided to be able to obtain answers quicker and is monitored during those same hours.

With offices in the United States, the staff at DAN is highly trained, and all have been with the company since its inception. The company is so confident that a superior result will be achieved that they offer an unheard of 100% Money Back Service Guarantee to the consumer, fully protecting the Network Affiliate relationship with their customer.

Although the method of service is proprietary, DAN is completely transparent to both Network Affiliates and consumers alike by providing a 24/7/365 online access to account status updates.

Communicating fully and often is the hallmark of DAN’s success. DAN is confident that the relationship they create with their Network Affiliates will be a profitable one for both parties, while at the same time, helping thousands of new customers get free of their debt problems.

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