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Having a hard time paying your debts?

Are you being harassed at home and work?

Have your credit card interest rates skyrocketed?

Have the banks severely reduced your available credit?

Have you tried to work with your creditors but been brushed off or threatened?

Are your debts keeping you from paying your mortgage?

You Need A Financial Consumer Advocate to Rid You Of Your Debts!

Understanding Credit

The word “credit” has many meanings. Credit as we apply it in this definition means that a lender or “creditor” may lend you money to purchase what you wish….

Understanding Debt

We get into debt when we borrow money we don’t have for things we want before we can save for them and pay cash. That’s how the credit card industry occurred…..

Understanding Collections

Collections is a word that has many different definitions. In the context of “to collect a debt owing”: When we get behind in our bills, these are some of the….

Understanding the Laws

Many laws have been passed in the last 70 years to protect consumers. However, it is next to impossible for any consumer to know them all, know all of….

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